North Copers Cope Road

Action Group

Covid-19 -  Update : Bromley Council are now collecting household waste as usual.  The "dump" at Churchfields road is now open, albeit only for pre-booked visits.  More information on Bromley Council's Website  here

Please look after yourselves and your neighbours at this difficult time

Our Aims and Objectives:

The preservation of the local built environment and the conservation of local woodland and open space for the benefit of the residents of North Copers Cope Road and the wider communities of the town of Beckenham and South East London.

Who are we ?

Just a group of residents who live on the northern end of Copers Cope Road.  The Action group is recognised as a Resident's Association by Bromley Council.

What we do:

Monitor and assess Planning Applications made for properties in North Copers Cope Road.     

We act, as deemed necessary and appropriate, to pursue the Aims and Objectives and protect the interests of, and represent and negotiate on behalf of, The Group and its members in relation and with regard to Planning Applications

Here's a list of all the planning applications we've been involved with since 2001

Can anyone be a member ?

Absolutely,  provided you live in the North Copers Cope Area. Please get in touch via the contact form